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Despite a flourishing career as a musicologist, Roz Southey has always hankered to be a novelist.

‘I’ve been scribbling stories since I was a child,’ she says, ‘and have written and published many short stories and articles published over the years. But having a novel published has always been my dream. And I have material for lots more!’

Roz spends much of her working life researching the lives of 18th century musicians and writing extensively about them – some of the stories she has uncovered form the basis for her novel.

She is an acknowledged expert on the period and brings the period and its idiosyncratic characters to vivid life in her first published crime novel.

Airs and Graces

January, 1737.

Snow blankets Newcastle Upon Tyne. With plans afoot to build new Assembly Rooms for dancing and concerts, musician sleuth Charles Patterson is more concerned with uncovering the truth about the murder of an entire family on the Tyne bridge.

It looks an open-and-shut case. The murderer was the flighty, fashionable Alice Gregson who has upset several neighbours with her snobbish London airs and graces. But where is she now? And why is her sister so convinced of her innocence?

When a series of robberies targets ancient coins and artefacts, Patterson suspects there's a connection to the murders and that someone else might be involved. Can he identify the accomplice and find out who really did kill the family before the snow clears, allowing the murderer to escape from the town?

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Published 24 November 2011
Crème de la Crime
ISBN: 978-1780290171

The Ladder Dancer

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1736. A foggy September evening.

When a child is ridden down and killed by an unknown horseman, musician sleuth Charles Patterson, the only witness close enough to see that the collision was no accident, vows to hunt down the rider. His only clue is a monogrammed bag.

But there are distractions. Richard Nightingale, a fashionable 'ladder-dancer', arrives from London to cause havoc with the ladies. A local lad, Cuthbert Ridley, sets the town in uproar for the fun of it. And Kate, a girl from the slums, is determined to become a musician - even though no respectable woman ever performs in public.

When Nightingale is attacked, Patterson realises the situation is more complicated than he thought. How does Ridley know more than he should? Why has Kate disappeared? Where is Nightingale's watch? And can Patterson find the murderer before someone else dies?

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Published March 2011
Crème de la Crime
ISBN: 978-1780290034

Sword and Song

Musician-sleuth Charles Patterson is called to a suspected murder late one night and is horrified to find he knows the victim, a young street-girl.

There is little Patterson can do; his patron has arranged an engagement for him at a fashionable house party some miles away, and he must leave early next morning.

But where Patterson goes, trouble is never far behind.

A chance meeting with an American at an elegant house party raises new questions about the murder – then he is attacked twice for no apparent reason.

And his personal life, in the form of Esther Jerdoun, the wealthy woman he loves against all of society’s conventions, is becoming ever more complicated…

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Published July 2009
Crème de la Crime
ISBN: 978-0-9560566-2-7

Secret Lament

Italian actors.

French spies.

At least the thugs are English.

Charles Patterson is not happy. It's the hottest June for years; he's stuck in musical rehearsals with a family of Italians; some local ruffians are after his blood; and someone is trying to break into the house of Esther Jerdoun, the woman he loves.

When a murder is discovered he fears Esther may be next. It's time for some tough questions.

Who is the strange man masquerading under a patently false name? Are there really spies abroad in Newcastle? Why is a psalm-teacher keeping vigil over a house in the town?

And can Patterson find the murderer before he strikes again?

Published May 2009
Crème de la Crime
ISBN: 978-0-9557078-6-5

Chords and Discords

A second adventure for 18th century musician/sleuth, Charles Patterson

Music may be the food of love, but it doesn’t fill an empty belly …

Winter is not a good time for jobbing musicians in early 18th century Newcastle. The town has emptied for the season, and Charles Patterson, harpsichordist, concert arranger and tutor to the gentry, is down to his last few shillings.

But Patterson has another talent: solving mysteries. When an unpopular organ builder thinks his life is in danger and a shop-boy dies in dubious circumstances, the offer of a substantial fee persuades him to seek answers to some difficult questions.

Like, who stole the dancing-master’s clothes? Why is a valuable organ up for raffle?

And will Patterson escape whoever is trying to kill him?

To read an extract from Chords and Discords Click Here

Published 3 July 08
Crème de la Crime
ISBN: 0978-09557078-2-7

Broken Harmony

The 18th century – a different world. But theft, murder and blackmail never change.

In Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1730s, life is not easy for an impoverished musician.

For Charles Patterson, violinist, harpsichord player, composer and would-be church organist, it’s about to get a whole lot harder.

First he is accused of stealing a valuable book. Then a cherished violin belonging to his flamboyant rival, Henri le Sac, disappears, rapidly followed by le Sac himself. And when the young apprentice he inherited from his rival is gruesomely murdered, Patterson starts to feel out of his depth.

Strange goings-on at the home of capricious Lady Anne leave him in fear for his health and sanity, and the lady’s cousin, Esther Jerdoun, seems to be trying to warn him about something.

The mystery deepens as the death toll mounts and it becomes clear that things are not quite as they appear …

Published April 2007.
Crème de la Crime
ISBN: 978-0-9551589-3-3

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