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Alex Fairfax

The Zombie's Inheritance

Not everyone you meet in the dark is human …

Published 28 March 2013

Private investigator Devlin has a very furry secret - she's a werewolf.

When a wealthy businessman calls Devlin in to find his missing daughter Laura, Devlin discovers the girl has been turned into a zombie. And she's not going to lie down and play dead. She wants her revenge on the boyfriend who turned her and is prepared to go to dangerous lengths to get it.

Dangerous for Devlin, that is …

Oh, and the girl wants her father's money too - but she's not the only one with her eye on the inheritance.

Devlin has to untangle not one murder plot but two, and cope with the distraction of a very sexy neighbour … (Well, there's no reason she can't have a little fun at work, is there?) Besides, she's used to playing in the dark, and she has very sharp fangs …

A paranormal mystery with a wise-cracking heroine and a distinct whiff of Philip Marlowe amongst the paranormals.

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