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Welcome to rozsouthey.co.uk

Thanks for looking me up - I've loved music all my life and now I write crime novels too.

My novels feature Charles Patterson, a determined but impoverished musician in 18th century Newcastle upon Tyne, together with some idiosyncratic - not to say outrageous - friends. Both living and dead. Music and mayhem abound!

If you're fascinated by the real-life musicians, you can check them out under non-fiction.

And now there's something brand new. If you like your detectives with a bit of bite, then Devlin is the woman for you. Wisecracking, witty, courageous, and definitely not someone to meddle with - move over, Philip Marlowe! And she has a second self that looks cuddly but decidedly isn't - did I say she was a werewolf? Check out her adventures
in the new series written under the name of Alex Fairfax.

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